A little logic and a few deadlifts do a body good:

“She became an avid soccer player at an early age, but, when she was twelve, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. “My dad said, ‘We are going to fix this,’ ” Winroth told me recently. “He thought the gym could cure my back, so we started to work out.” Her father had been a dedicated weight trainer since he was a teen-ager, and is a local fixture in Gävle’s gyms. “I thought, logically, a stronger back must be better than a weak back if it’s not straight,” Henning told me”

While the article mainly covers Lee Winroth’s incredible natural strength, here’s the two biggest takeaways:

  1. She had a malformed back, got stronger, and subsequently doesn’t suffer experience any problems
  2. Strength training became a bonding experience for Lee and her father

Read more here: http://www.newyorker.com/…/the-accidental-weight-lifting-wo…

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