This is a recent post from the Starting Strength forum. Over the past few years, it’s become fashionable in the fitness world to ridicule the idea of New Year’s resolutions but the fact remains that it serves as a solid start point for people to make life-long changes to better themselves. If you’re already getting under a bar, this might give you a fresh perspective on how to think about your training. If you don’t yet train to get stronger, hopefully this helps convince you to give it a try:


I’ll contend that the Starting Strength method of weight training is the best possible basis for New Year’s resolutions. Here’s why:

  1. Strength Training offers a continuum of goals. Minimal achievement includes better posture, increased range of motion and improved ability to interact with challenges and barriers in the physical world. Everybody wants that. Maximal achievement, well, there’s a world record… and many milestones along the way for years of goal pursuit.
  2. Strength gains are immediately measurable. You just lifted more weight than last time. And you know what you have to do next time. And you keep notching it up until you hit your goal. The program is obvious. Rip is a guru with proof, who has constructed a bullet-proof method you learn not to second guess.
  3. Strength training delivers rapid gratification. Satisfaction is not delayed by months like, say, your first conversation in German; it’s right there for you to relish, 3x per week. It comes from an internal voice that says, “yep, I did it again” and external voices that say things like “man, you look great.”
  4. The Starting Strength method provides a 3x per week scary challenge for you to overcome. You consequently grow accustomed to overcoming scary challenges and this mindset is transferrable to challenges from any other source. It is relentlessly reinforcing. You become better equipped to meet other resolutions!

That’s why New Year’s resolutions built around Starting Strength are your best bet for success.

Happy New Year, friends!


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