When Sam Bonow first came to us eight months ago, he had two goals:

  1. Make his back stronger
  2. Squat 315 pounds for a set of five repetitions

He came to us at the tail end of his recovery from a badly herniated disc in his low back. Any activity, let alone lifting, was difficult due to the pain from the injury. As a massage therapist, he spent most of the day on his feet and using his body to apply force to clients. His back injury greatly affected his work, he desperately wanted to fix it, and he wanted to prevent it from happening again.

With close attention to technique and steady weight increments, Sam’s back healed completely. He quickly got stronger and began approaching his goal a 315 pound squat, but an unexpected trip across the Pacific Ocean, a prolonged illness, and his wedding forced him to take some time off from training.

After his wedding, Sam returned in full force. With his low back now 100%, he aggressively pursued his goal. Within two months of his return, Sam cruised straight through his goal of 315 for five reps and finished his novice program at 325 pounds for three sets of five reps in the squat. Now he’s set his sights on eclipsing the 405 pound barrier; if he approaches it with the same determination as he did with 315 pounds, he’ll reach this next goal in no time.

Sam’s a perfect example of setting goals and staying focused on them despite the challenges life puts you through. Whether you’re trying to strengthen your back, training for a sport, or looking to make everyday life a little easier, setting strength goals and following a simple training program works wonders!


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