When John started training with us, he struggled to do a full squat with just his bodyweight. To be blunt, John was weak. Now a few months later, he’s added over 160 pounds to his squat along with high increases in his other lifts.

Why does that matter? Above all, it’s made his job far easier. As a nurse at one of Chicago’s busiest hospitals, constantly moving patients during ten-hour shifts took its toll on his back and his energy. A stronger squat and deadlift translates to a stronger body and makes the tasks at the hospital less demanding and eliminated his back problems. Those shifts don’t leave him fatigued like they used to.

It takes zero talent to develop your strength. What it does take is patience and perseverance, and John’s a perfect example of that. Here’s a video of John passing the “two-plate” milestone — 225 pounds — in the deadlift after starting at 95 pounds just a couple months ago:

John Junsay — 225×5 from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.

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