Back in August 2016, Jay Young came to Kratos Strength with the goal of getting stronger. He already had a few years of experience with lifting but hadn’t seen much progress. Within a few weeks of working with us, Jay surpassed his former personal records and the weights climbed slowly but steadily higher.

Last Monday, Jay reached two big milestones: a 315-pound squat and a 225-pound bench press. When he started seven months ago, he was only squatting 185 pounds and bench pressing 165 pounds. His press and deadlift saw steady increases along with his squat and bench press.

As he got stronger, his nagging shoulder pain disappeared. Running was a little less taxing. Everyday tasks got easier. With a simple combination of consistency and effort, Jay has taken his physical strength to new levels and it’s paid off both in and out of the gym.

In addition to his milestone lifts, Jay and his wife Katherine welcomed their first son into the world over the weekend, so it was a very eventful week. Congratulations to the whole family!

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