Below is a post from weightlifting coach John Broz who is known for taking average athletes and turning them into national-level weightlifters in a matter of months.  High goals and high standards are a key principle to coach Broz’s methodology, as it is for any successful athlete or coach.


When someone asks me how they can become a great weightlifter, I reply “what are your goals?” They begin with what they wish to accomplish next week followed by next month, by years end and eventually how they will fare the following year at the National Championships.

I immediately retort “NO, your LIFETIME goals. When you are old, and it’s now physically impossible to accomplish lifetime Pr’s, and you are telling stories about what your max lifts were during your career, what numbers would you be truly happy with saying?”

Most have never given this any thought, and the idea of numbers that large scare them to the point that they can not even imagine, more less verbalize them.

Having clear-cut, definitive goals, with extremely specific numbers is crucial to success! Perspective is what helps you fight through sticking points and mental barriers.

Being a world champion will not happen by accident. It’s by design.

Dan Jansen, speed skater, 8x world record holder, multiple time World and Olympic Champion said:

“I don’t think there’s any such thing as setting your goals too high. The higher you set your goals, the more you are going to work. If you don’t reach them, then it’s okay, just as long as you set it and then give 100% of yourself.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Today, choose some lifetime goals. “That day” will be here before you know it.

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