Here at Kratos Strength Systems, we work with a wide variety of trainees. The last couple blog entries covered our older adults and the enormous benefits they experience from barbell training.

In addition to our older adults looking to make their lives a little easier, we also have younger athletes trying to reach their full physical potential. A couple of those athletes happen to be some of the best in world in the sport of powerlifting. Akzhol Alymbek Uulu, a native of Kyrgyzstan, will take on the best Junior class (under 23 years old) lifters on the planet at the IPF Junior World Championships at the end of this month.

Akzhol wrapped up his heaviest squat workout prior to Worlds with a huge 595 pound/270 kilogram squat weighing only 130 pounds. We wish him the best at the World Championships and hope he brings home the gold!

270 kg/595 lb Squat @ 59 kg/130 lbs — Akzhol Alymbek Uulu from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.

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