Deadlift Clinic

August 19th — Click here for details and registration

Join Starting Strength Coaches Bill Coyne and Spencer Irvin for an afternoon learning everything you need to know about one of the most important exercises for your body: the deadlift. When done properly, the deadlift is both safe for the back and enormously beneficial for long-term back health. Limited to twelve attendees.


Intro to Strength Training

Tuesday, August 22nd, 6:30pm — Click here for details

Intro to Strength Training seminars are FREE to attend. Join SpencerĀ and Bill for seminar covering the basics of barbell strength training and get coaching in the most fundamental exercise: the squat. This is a great opportunity for those looking to get into strength training for overall fitness.


Press & Bench Press Clinic

Saturday, September 30th — Click here for more details and registration

Join Starting Strengh Coaches Bill Coyne and Spencer Irvin for an afternoon covering both the most misunderstood and the most American of exercises: the barbell press (the standing press/overhead press) and the bench press. The press is the most fundamental upper body exercise which needs to have a place in everyone’s training program. The much-maligned bench press also deserves a place in a strength training program. In this clinic, we’ll cover the technique of the exercises, spend the majority of the time coaching and performing them, and finish with programming tips and tricks.


2017 USSF Fall Classic

Saturday, October 28 — Click here for details and registration

Kratos Strength Systems will host the Midwest location of the fourth annual Fall Classic. This is a global event: lifters will compete directly against other athletes in New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Atlanta, Singapore, and other cities in one combined contest. Registration now open and will sell out quickly — grab your spot now!


The Starting Strength Seminar

November 10-12 – Click here for details and registration

For the first time, the best seminar of its kind in the world comes to Chicago. Presented by Mark Rippetoe, this two and a half day seminar covers the entire Starting Strength method. You’ll have the opportunity to both learn the theory behind every aspect of Starting Strength and receive expert coach from top-tier Starting Strength Coaches. Limited spaces available so sign up soon.