As arbitrary as the numbers themselves are, the poundages of 135, 225, 315, and 405 hold significance to a trainee. That’s because these are the weights at which another 45-lb plate gets added to each side of a 45-lb barbell — for the above numbers that’s one, two, three, and four plates per side respectively.

Those numbers also happen to be respectable milestones for each of the big four barbell exercises. This past weekend, our old friend Eric Stroud ventured in from the suburbs to check his progress. Having chased these marks for a long time, he bench pressed 225 pounds and squatted 315 pounds for the first time. A slow, steady strength training program coupled with a little bit of cardiovascular conditioning has gone a long way for Eric.

Eric Stroud — 315 lb. Squat from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.

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