Former Marine turned philosophy nerd Matt Yaw came to us a little over three months ago after a complete tear of his rotator cuff. After a misdiagnosis, surgery, and months of physical therapy, Matt saw limited progress in his recovery. The outlook he was given by his doctors about the long-term health of his shoulder was bad. So he came to us.

The first few session were tough — he had extreme difficulty getting into the positions of the basic exercises because of his shoulder injury. Staying true to his US Marine Corps background, he forged ahead and made quick progress. Getting under a bar for squats improve the flexibility of his injured shoulder. Overhead presses strengthened the damaged tissues. He trained with us three times per week and added a little bit of weight to each exercise every session.

Unfortunately for us, Matt took a job in Pittsburgh and headed east. Knowing from the start that he’d be moving by April, Matt set two big goals to hit before he left Chicago: squat and deadlift 315 pounds. With patience and perseverance, Matt made it to those milestones in his last training session with us. Physically, he’s never felt better. His entire body, broken shoulder included, is now stronger than ever. This is just the beginning of a long journey of training for Matt. We wish him well.


Matt Yaw — Deadlift 315×5 from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.

Matt Yaw — 315 Squat 3×5 (second set shown) from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.

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