About 18 months ago, Dave and I started training together.  At the time, Dave’s flexibility and strength needed a lot of work — a bodyweight squat was challenging and his upper body was pretty weak.  With hard work and consistency, Dave’s made huge progress across the board:

  • Lost 20 lbs of bodyweight
  • Improved mobility which has mitigated aches and pains in joints
  • Lower resting heart rate, positive cardiovascular fitness adaptations
  • Greatly increased strength levels — his numbers on the big barbell lifts have drastically improved

This has all been accomplished through simple methods — basic barbell and bodyweight exercises, high-intensity intervals, and some supplementary mobility drills.

Dave reached a huge milestone recently by squatting 300 lbs. for the first time (check out the video below).  Just over one year ago, squatting with his bodyweight alone was difficult so this is very impressive progress.  It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with Dave — expect even more progress to come!


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