After some convincing from his wife Bob decided to try barbell training, and at 70 years old this was no easy feat. On day 1 we started by teaching him how to squat by sitting on a box and driving up with his hips. Bob was weak and even standing up with his body weight was tough.

Spencer coaches Bob through a set of deadlift with 95 pounds.

After a month of consistent training Bob is now squating with a bar on his back and no box underneath him. Yesterday he deadlifted an easy set of 5 at 95 pounds. Not only is Bob building strength, but he has also become more confident in the gym and is enjoying strength training more than he ever thought he would.

Following Bob’s third session he told us, “I really appreciate what you’re doing and want to thank you because this is going to be good for me, and you probably don’t hear that enough” This is exactly why we do what we do as Starting Strength coaches, we help people get stronger in order to live a longer healthier life.

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