Loyola University student Alan Johansen has made steady progress since the beginning of his novice program earlier this year. When Alan first came to the gym, he already had a solid base of strength from lifting throughout high school. But at that time he was following an unnecessarily complicated program that yielded far lower returns than would have been realized on a simpler program. Despite his natural athleticism and strength, Alan was still a novice and we put him on the novice program. His strength increased then increased at a far greater rate than ever before.

In May, Alan’s novice program ended and he made a smooth transition into an intermediate program. With consistent effort and a lot of food, he’s been able to maintain weekly strength gains on his new program. After a successful first powerlifting meet in April (despite catching the flu), Alan is now preparing for the USAPL Chicago Novice Meet coming up in November and is on track to hit some big numbers. Last week, he squatted 455 pounds for an easy single along with a 545 pound deadlift. Check out the video of his squat below!

Alan Johansen — 455 lb. Squat from Kratos Strength Systems on Vimeo.


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